Shopping near Moorgate Station

Sitting snugly between London’s financial district and the hip neighbourhoods of London’s East End is Mooregate Station. There is a treasure trove of shops and restaurants in the neighbourhood; enough to keep even the most passionate of shoppers busy. A quick stroll through the area will quickly show you that it is just as worthy of your time as the more famousdistricts near the Piccadilly London West End.Too many tourists end up in the West End and stay there; missing out on so much that London has to offer. From shopping to restaurants London City has so much to offer that you can’t necessarily find in the more homogenised West End.


Leadenhall Market

For a real taste of old London be sure to visit Leadenhall Market, an old restored Victorian covered market. The market is known for selling traditional game, poultry, fish and mean, though there are a few designer outlets attached. The market by itself is incredibly beautiful with wrought iron and glass buildings designed in 1881 by Sir Horace Jones, a famous British architect. It is a popular lunch venue for London’s businessmen and women who come up from the City of London for a nice relaxing break;an early lunch here is recommended to avoid the best of the rush.

Leadenhall Market

Smithfield Market

This is a fantastic spot for those who get up while it’s still dark or have yet to go to bed. The Smithfield Market opens at the horrendous hour of four AM and is a haven for both clubbers on their way home and the early-to-rise workers. It is also one of London’s oldest and most attractive markets; a definite must-see for tourists. Meat, poultry, cheese, pies and other delicatessen style goods are available wholesale; you will find many of the better restaurateurs and caterers are waiting in line with you. While the market is open later in the day if you want the best food or the best experience, it’s better to go before the sun breaks the horizon.

Petticoat Lane Market

Petticoat Lane Market

London’s world famous Sunday market is always worth checking out. This exceptional market sells clothes and accessories for all sorts, from street-cred club wear to designer goods and last year’s must haves. Petticoat Lane Market is a hub for a great many styles and no matter what your interests, you will find something special just for you.There’s a lot more to be had apart from just the clothes though; bric-a-brac and household goods, a lot of bits and bobs to keep you interested as your browse around. It is truly a treasure hunt, with more than 1,000 stalls lining the streets there’s a near endless realm of possibilities to explore. It is London’s biggest street jumble sale; a haven for bargain hunters, collectors, and adventurous shoppers. It is also quite tricky to find, though the market is called Petticoat Lane, the lane’s name was changed to Middlesex Street in an amusingly failed attempt to remove the naughty mention of underwear. Classic London at its finest; be sure to check it out.

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