How to Spend 3 Days in London As a Super Tourist

However long you decide to spend in London, you’ll never be left short of things to see and do, but a three day trip to the city is the perfect way to take advantage of all that it has to offer.

With plenty of history, a rich arts scene, and surprises around every corner, you can pack every moment of your stay with excitement and adventure. Whether you’re in the city for an event at the meeting rooms Barbican or in London purely for pleasure, you’ll be able to make some great memories during your time in the capital.

Read on for some inspiring ideas to help you plan the perfect 72 hours in London.

Break down each day for a unique part of London

London really does have innumerable attractions with something new to surprise you wherever you turn. A three day might sound like plenty of time, but it can soon fill up once you start planning.

So in order to make the most of your stay, it’s worth spending a little time ahead of your trip to plan out what to see and do. It can be helpful to have a convenient place to stay to help you get around easily, so look up London package deals in the best locations for a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

Next, a great way to organise your trip is by dividing up each day according to a particular aspect of the city. Depending on what you enjoy, you might like to dedicate a day exploring the amazing culture around the capital, the extraordinary history dating back to the Roman era, its thriving arts scene, or even spending a day indulging in all of the fantastic food on offer around the city.

The London City Suites Barbican is a great place to base yourself during your trip, as it is located with a central position, letting you get around the city with ease.

A day for history

The history of the capital dates back to the Roman era, and you can even see traces of the first Roman locals who made Londinium their home. The Museum of London is a great place to start your historical journey, with its comprehensive collection of exhibits that take you through the pre-historic era, when wild animals roamed the land, before the city ever took shape, all the way through the capital’s many evolutions and changes, from the Roman and Medieval eras, to the present day.

Tower of London

For an up close and personal look at history, get walking. You can take part in Roman and Medieval walking tours, that will take you to the remnants of the original city wall built by the Romans, as well as other important sites. Afterwards, take the time to head to some of the major historic buildings around the city, for a closer look at the splendour and stories of the Royals who called London home. At the Tower of London, you’ll have the chance to see the Crown Jewels, as well as learn the tales of some of its most important prisoners, while a tour around the magnificent Kensington Palace will give you a chance to see the childhood home of Queen Victoria.

A day for the arts

London has no shortage of arts and culture, and if you’re staying at the London City Suites Barbican, then a trip to the Barbican Centre itself is an absolute must. You’ll find a fascinating range of events and exhibitions on offer here, from striking contemporary art from leading artists, to exceptional live performances, film screenings and more. If you’re short on time, it’s still worth a walk around, simply to admire the dramatic Brutalist architecture of the space. If the weather is bright, take a little while to enjoy the calm and serene lake outside, for the perfect contrast of architecture and nature.


After the Barbican, you might want to spend the rest of your day checking out some of the other exceptional art galleries and museums in the rest of the capital, such as the Tate Modern or Tate Britain, or the National Portrait Gallery. It can be hard to choose with so much on offer, but wherever you go, you won’t be disappointed. And as many of the galleries around the city offer free entrance to visit their main collections, this can be a great way to enjoy an affordable day out. If you’re planning to see some of the special exhibitions on offer, you may want to plan your London package deals ahead of time and book tickets before you arrive, to ensure you’re not disappointed.

A day for food and drink

Lastly, it’s impossible not to spend a little time in London and not get to enjoy some of the fantastic food and drink on offer. From world-class restaurants and exceptional bars, to lively food markets, there is something to tempt you wherever you go.

Restaurant London food

Head to popular markets such as Borough Market or Spitalfields where you can try out a variety of fresh and delicious street food and snacks, as well as delicious fresh coffee and juices. While you’re there, don’t miss out on the chance to sample some excellent artisanal produce made by locals, including delicious bread, cheese and cured meats.

After dark, explore the city’s great bars for a fantastic drink or two. You’re never short on choice for places to head to for a cocktail, from the Experimental Cocktail Club in Soho, where you’ll get to enjoy innovative and inventive concoctions, to stylish speakeasy style bars, where you can enjoy your favourite classics in elegant surroundings.

If you want to close out your trip in style, you might want to make reservations at one of the city’s top rooftop restaurants and bars, where you can enjoy a meal or drinks while admiring the stunning view of London’s many famous landmarks. It’s the perfect way to wrap up a memorable visit around London.

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